A Complete Guide To Repair PST Outlook 2007 File when Scanpst Fails to Fix Errors

Is there any solution to repair PST Outlook 2007 file when Scanpst fails to fix errors? When I try to view or open my MS Outlook PST 2007 file, it becomes inaccessible. I get an error message that it cannot be opened. I have really no idea why it happens. When I search Google to fix this message then I found that scanpst repair tool can fix it but when I used this tool it displayed me some another message. I am too much worried now and I have no solution to fix this error. If anyone have solution to repair PST Outlook 2007 file when Scanpst fails to fix errors then please suggest me as soon as possible.Free Download PST Repair Tool

These day, MS Outlook is the most popular office package which is used to manage their emails or another data. It has really great and advanced features but likes other office packages, it is also not an error-free. Most of the Outlook users have reported that they get various error messages while open PST files. There are various reasons responsible for the corruption of the PST file but some of them are PST header file corruption, virus attack, power failure, over-sized file, infected media devices etc. To fix Outlook issues, scanpst application is provided by Microsoft. It is an inbuilt repair utility which installed into your PC automatically whenever you install MS Outlook package. To use this inbuilt tool, just click on the Windows C drive and select “Program files” option. Then after open MS Office folder and click on “Office 12” folder. Enter the name of the PST file which you want to scan and fix by double click on scanpst.exe tool. Now this tool starts to scan and display a message that it has been successfully completed the scanning process. After completing scanning processes you can view MS Outlook PST file without any issues. If you run scanpst.exe tool by keeping Outlook 2007 file open, then it may damage file and produce another messages.

But this tool has some limitations, it cannot repair PST file if it exceed file size more than 2GB. If you really want to repair PST Outlook 2007 file when Scanpst fails to fix errors then you need to make use of any reliable third-party software.

There are various third-party software available in the market along with specific features. But among all, PST Repair Tool is the best to repair PST Outlook 2007 file when Scanpst fails to fix errors safely and instantly. This tool is designed by professional expert in such a way that it can even fix MS Outlook file which is corrupted. Other than resolving this error message, it can solve various different error messages such as cannot open PST file, access denies, not responding error, MAPI error, failed to start PST file error and many other error messages. It supports PST as well as OST data file on various other versions of MS Outlook such as MS Outlook 200, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010 and so on that run of user System with Windows server 2003, server 2008, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and so on. The best thing about this repair utility is it’s user-friendly interface which makes it very convenient-to-use.Free Download PST Repair Tool

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