Effective Guide to Encrypt Email or Messages in Microsoft Outlook

Do you really want to send a secure and confidential email or message to someone by using Microsoft Outlook? Are you looking for a best guide to encrypt messages in MS Outlook? If yes, then go through with this post.

MS Outlook is one of the most popular MS Office packages which comes with various hidden brilliant features of encrypting through which user can easily make their emails more private and keep them secure by converting plain text data into unreadable cipher-text. Encrypting data is one of the unique trait if you really want emails of MS Outlook more secure while sending. By using this option, you are capable of providing authentication to only selective recipient to read or access the encrypted files.Free Download PST Repair Tool

Meaning of term encryption and encrypted emails.

In simple term, Encryption is technique which is used to modify readable data like plain-text into unreadable chipper-text and only the authorized people can read or access the unreadable data by decrypting it using the key. While Decrypting process is thew reverse process of encryption. In decryption, users convert the cipher-text into its original format. For sending an encrypted email using MS Outlook, both sender and receiver should have their unique public key certificate or unique digital ID. A digital mark on a message in MS outlook proves sender or receiver more trustable and it is a permission for both of them.

How to encrypt emails in Outlook:-

To encrypt emails in Outlook, follow the given instructions which are listed below:

  1. Open MS-Outlook and click on New button for the purpose of composing a new email or message.
  2. In the new message box Select the “More Option” which comes under the “Option” menu.
  3. Now a new window named “Message Option” will appear at your System screen, so click on “Security Settings” button.
  4. In the security properties section, select the Encrypt message contents and attachments checkbox and click on Ok button for further process.

By using above manual method you can easily encrypt emails or messages in Microsoft Outlook. But this method will consumes more time and effort which usually handled by only professional expert because one wrong step can cause more data loss. So user should go through with any third-party application. There are numerous branded software available in the market having different great features but among all PST Repair Tool is considered as the best recovery utility. It is designed by professional expert using highly advanced algorithm. The best thing about this tool is that it is compatible with all version of Outlook and run over all Windows based PC. PST Repair Tool comes with very great features and user-friendly interface which makes it very convenient to use.Free Download PST Repair Tool

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